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Trusted by the World’s Largest and Most Sophisticated Asset Tracking System

Leveraging 25 years of leadership in sensor technology, Savi is pioneering sensor analytics solutions that create operational intelligence from the Internet of Things. Applying big data technologies to machine-generated data, Savi solutions are trusted to run the world’s largest and most complex asset tracking and monitoring network, serving the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), allied military and more than 780 commercial companies around the world.

Savi originally developed its strong and well-earned reputation within the logistics and supply chain operations of both the DoD and allied defense forces in the early 1990s. Battle-tested under the harshest and most demanding conditions, Savi was instrumental in helping U.S. troops track supplies, spare parts and shipment materials during operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Over 4,000,000 sensors deployed in 52 countries

Proving essential to the movement and tracking of materials and supplies, the DoD issued a directive on the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) tagging, mandating its use on shipments of materials and supplies in the early 2000s. Savi enjoyed rapid growth during the decade as additional military applications of the technology were rolled out and allied forces began to standardize on Savi solutions. As RFID technology became the accepted standard for tracking in the military, it also became popular in the commercial sector, and Savi expanded its business into commercial applications.

Savi’s technology currently runs the world’s largest RFID network, deployed in 52 countries.

Big Data and analytics software technologies unlock the value of sensor data

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Today, Savi has developed Savi Insight and numerous software applications that utilize sensor data and turn it into actionable information. By ingesting millions of data points and applying algorithms, Savi solutions not only provide real-time information and alerts but also offer predictive analytics to optimize supply chains. Importantly, Savi solutions are able to take in all forms of wireless technology—GPS, satellite, bar code, CDMA, GMA, ZigBee and so on, in addition to active and passive RFID—making Savi solutions tag agnostic, or “tag-nostic.”

Essential to logistics and supply chain operations

These sensor analytics solutions are now essential to the logistics and supply chain operations of numerous industries, including transportation, pharmaceuticals, retail, life sciences and manufacturing, in addition to the company’s ongoing work for both U.S. and allied military and civilian governmental organizations.

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