At the forefront of innovation

Simply put, Savi Technology has been at the forefront of innovation in logistics and supply chain
for more than 23 years. Savi’s innovations, in terms of technology, product and deployment
have changed the way that organizations track assets and use that information to improve
their businesses.

  • 1989


    Savi was founded.

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  • 1990-91


    Support of Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm with first ever "Smart Container" tracking technology

    Savi featured in Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm"

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    • Crossing the Chasm
  • 1993-94


    • Introduction of Seal Tag, the first data-rich active RFID tag for the U.S. Army to track retrograde container shipments of ammunition from Germany to the U.S.
    • Won first RFID procurement contract (MITLA) Microcircuit Technology in Logistics Applications to provide RFID products to the U.S. Department of Defense.
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  • 1995-97


    • Powers In-Transit Visibility (ITV) Servers Brought Online in German & Korean
    • Bosnia: First RFID Network installed to track supplies
    • Instrumentation of key Defense Logistics Agency Depots in the U.S.
    • Recognized by White House Office of Science and Technology for its "Most Innovative Technology Developed by a Small Business"
    • Awarded Advanced Logistics Program by DARPA
    • Wins U.S. Department of Defense RFID I contract.
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  • 1998


    Family of active, data-rich tags and readers released

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  • 1999


    Savi Instruments key DLA Depots Outside Continental United States (OCONUS), and its tags and equipment receive Hazzards Electromagnetic Radiation or Ordnance (HERO) Certification for RF Tags and Equipment.

  • 2000-01


    • National ITV Servers brought online
    • CONUS Power Projection Patforms (PPP) Instrumented
    • Operation Enduring Freedom support
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  • 2002-03


    • Central Command Directive for RFID Tagging Operation
    • Drives security solutions with formation of Strategic Security Advisory Council post 9/11
    • Iraqi Freedom support
    • Named “Technology Pioneer” by World Economic Forum
    • RFID II contract awarded by U.S Department of Defense.
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  • 2004-05


    • Wins NATO contracts for RF-ITV network
    • Three Operations Safe Commerce (OSC) pilots use Savi e-seal technology to monitor and secure shipments from Guatemala to Starbucks in Seattle.
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  • 2006-08


    • NATO, ADO & NAMSA Online
    • Army Containment Command Employs Savi Worldwide
    • ISO 18000-7 Approved
    • Develops global GSM/GPS Tag based on Cell Phones
    • RFID III awarded
    • Shift from ANSI to ISO tags made with the award of the RFID III contract.
    • DOW Vikane asset visibility contract award.
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  • 2009-10


    Tracks supplies and manages inventory at Sierra (U.S.) Army Depot

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  • 2012


    SGS partnership introduces Savi Tracking

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  • 2013


    Independent company

    2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for Economic Development

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