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Do You Have the Right Information to Minimize Your Risks?

How we help

Reduce financial and operational risks

Risk is everywhere. We help you monitor your Key Risk Indicators and identify and mitigate financial and operational risks using real-time streaming and historical data.

Achieve a more predictable business

With Savi Risk Analytics, we capture sensor-based data and other information about assets and apply award-winning analytics techniques to:

  • Provide visibility into location and status of remote assets
  • Alert on abnormal events
  • Identify high-risk conditions and locations


Solutions we offer

Savi InsightTM

Analytics based on your supply chain data provides operational intelligence to reduce and avoid risk.
Learn about Savi Insight

Savi TrackingTM

SaaS-based solution reduces risk by securing and monitoring high-value assets.
Learn about Savi Tracking

Savi ScenariosTM

Business scenarios pinpoint areas and patterns of risk so you can increase efficiency and safety.
Learn about Savi Scenarios

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