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Groundbreaking Approach

Using a complete solutions approach, Savi Technology delivers operational intelligence to organizations worldwide.

Savi’s suite of solutions includes purpose-built Analytics, Applications, Hardware and Services with a focus on customer results.



Data Agnostic

Flexibility to use what you’ve got and add what you need

Savi’s data agnostic approach means you don’t have to rip and replace your hardware investment to gain the benefits of sensor analytics. It can also handle an unlimited amount of structured or unstructured data from sources like SAP and even Twitter.


Analytics for business users, not data scientists

In addition to being able to ingest any kind of sensor data, Savi Solutions can also ingest enterprise data, partner APIs and open data to provide actionable information for your business.

Savi Insight™ displays these analytics on cutting-edge, easy-to-understand visualizations that allow business users to implement descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to boost operations and the bottom line.




Implement in as little as three weeks

Hybrid Lambda Architecture delivers real-time streaming analytics with lightning fast response times, but the analytics aren’t the only thing about it that’s fast.

Savi solutions are designed so that you can be up and running in weeks, not months, which means you can spend more time harnessing the value of your sensor data rather than years making sense of it.


Super responsive and flexible business decisions

The groundbreaking Hybrid Lambda Architecture (HLA) – a revolutionary combination of open source technologies that drive the world’s largest Internet companies, powers Savi’s sensor analytics solutions. Using HLA, all data is preserved in its original form and never destroyed. HLA lets you make significantly more responsive and effective business decisions because the real-time transactional view and deep cross-sectional historical view of data are always current and in-sync.


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