Power the Dynamic Enterprise

Dynamic enterprises rely on Savi’s Sensor Analytics solutions including specialized hardware used to ‘tag’ and ‘read’ assets, software to consolidate data from readers, specialized applications such as warehouse management, asset management or cargo tracking systems, and advanced reporting and analytic applications that improve enterprise decision making.

Savi SmartChain is the robust enterprise platform at the center of Savi’s solutions.  When you need the real-time information on shipments, supplies, equipment, and material that drives a dynamic enterprise, SmartChain is the answer.

Tagging assets and collecting data is just the start.  Savi’s Enterprise Applications harness 23 years of client feedback supporting mission-critical sensor based analytics challenges including asset management, consignment, and cargo tracking.

It all starts at the source, and whether you are using award winning-asset tags and readers from Savi or third-party sensor providers, Savi makes it easy get the data you need.