Big data is yesterday’s news.  What about new data?  That’s exactly what Savi provides.

We take your sensor-based data and turn those millions of data points into actionable insights.  The result?  Our supply chain analytic solutions help you reduce the cost of asset management, improve readiness, achieve greater business confidence and reduce the number of unexpected, unplanned and unpredicted operational events.  And, we can integrate this sensor-based information into your accounting, transportation management and other systems.

Because supply chains are never one-size fits all, Savi is focused on solving your business problems and not just “force feeding” you our own hardware.  With over 23 years of experience, we will bring together the right software, hardware, analytics and professional know-how to optimize your supply chain and witness real bottom-line benefits including higher return on assets, reduced risk and the ability to securely enter emerging markets.

So move over big data, it’s new data’s turn.