Savi Education offers some of the most comprehensive technical courses available in the RFID industry today. Savi customers get user-friendly training programs designed by Savi to ensure competency at all levels with all of Savi’s products. When combined with Savi’s technical documentation these courses help ensure a smooth and painless adoption of Savi’s RFID solutions within your company.

Savi Education offers a variety of course options:

  • SmartChain Server
  • Site Manager
  • Mobile and Workstation
  • Hardware
  • Solutions

Savi Education’s courses are organized into Skill Levels to meet the needs of our customer’s staff:

  • Introductory – no prerequisites required, suitable for all users, emphasis on technical concepts
  • Basic – Introductory courses recommended, emphasis on installation & configuration
  • Intermediate – Basic courses required, targeted for technical staff, emphasis on integration and trouble-shooting
  • Advanced – Intermediate courses recommended, programming experience required, emphasis on deep customization