Savi Education offers some of the most comprehensive technical courses available in the RFID industry today. Savi customers get user-friendly training programs designed by Savi to ensure competency at all levels with all of Savi’s products. When combined with Savi’s technical documentation these courses help ensure a smooth and painless adoption of Savi’s RFID solutions within your company.

  • Web-Based courses use animated lectures with audio followed by quizzes and guided exercises in simulated environments to teach core skills anywhere, anytime
  • Instructor-led courses use traditional training materials and a qualified Savi Education Instructor to teach all the fundamental skills needed to install, administer, and support Savi’s RFID products. Lab exercises use live software and actual Savi hardware to reinforce and validate effective learning. Savi’s proprietary courseware can be customized for specific engagements upon request.

Savi Education offers a variety of course options:

  • SmartChain Server
  • Site Manager
  • Mobile and Workstation
  • Hardware
  • Solutions

Savi Education’s courses are organized into Skill Levels to meet the needs of our customer’s staff:

  • Introductory – no prerequisites required, suitable for all users, emphasis on technical concepts
  • Basic – Introductory courses recommended, emphasis on installation & configuration
  • Intermediate – Basic courses required, targeted for technical staff, emphasis on integration and trouble-shooting
  • Advanced – Intermediate courses recommended, programming experience required, emphasis on deep customization