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Fast Time to Return for Your Supply Chain Investment

So you quickly reap the benefits of Savi Insight, we have developed pre-built scenarios that provide KPIs, KRIs and analytics for specific business challenges. Providing unmatched time to return, Insight’s pre-built scenarios deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics specific to risk and performance.

Savi Risk Analytics captures sensor-based information and applies analytical techniques to:

  • Show location and status of high-value remote assets
  • Alert on abnormal sensors readings
  • Identify high-risk conditions and locations

Savi Performance Analytics captures sensor-based information in order to:

  • Optimize supply chain and logistics performance
  • Understand supplier and carrier performance
  • Updated ETA information for assets in motion


These pre-built scenarios enable you to impact operations within three to four weeks, as opposed to many months or years with DIY “tool kit” platform approaches.

Recognizing that every organization is unique, Savi has dedicated data scientists available to customize and adapt any of the pre-built scenarios to match your specific challenges.

To learn more about Savi Insight and its scenario library, please contact us or call 888.994.SAVI.

Purpose built for specific challenges


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