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Through a combination of big data, supply chain analytics, and machine learning, you have the power to obtain complete transparency across your supply chain with real-time, dynamic visibility and operational intelligence.

Savi solutions enable you to plan, anticipate, and proactively respond to supply chain challenges and disruptions. Reduce supply chain costs, improve service levels, and increase sales by always knowing the location, condition, and history of your assets in transit. We can show you how.


Savi Tracking

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Control Your Supply Chain with Precise ETA Information

ETA-as-a-Service (ETAaaS) alleviates transportation and supply chain pain points that are facing the industry, specifically targeting challenges associated with planning and on-time delivery. Savi customers that implemented ETAaaS reduced their estimation error from 3 days to 30 minutes, increased the number of on-time deliveries by 48%, and reduced shipping costs by 10%.

ETAaaS provides real-time shipment tracking and ETA information that enables you to solve your inventory management, cross docking, carrier evaluation, and on-time delivery challenges.



  • Real-time tracking —tracks real-time shipment location and adjusts ETA by considering historical patterns of disruption caused by weather, port congestion and other factors
  • Data from any source—captures and analyzes data from any source including telematics, EDI, sensor, ERP, GPS, RFID, mobile and GPRS/GSM
  • Smart technology—specialized algorithms are combined with historical information, machine learning, and real-time data to dramatically improve ETA estimates over time
  • Alerts within seconds—receive real-time alerts that notify if goods will arrive later or earlier than expected


Savi Tracking

Real-Time Visibility for In-Transit Assets

Savi Tracking identifies and monitors the location and status of your assets in transit. You need to know where your high value assets are, when they will arrive, what condition they are in, and if they are secure. Specialized software and tamperproof hardware secure and monitor multiple cargo types to improve performance, reduce risk, and minimize supply chain disruptions.

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  • Know shipment location and statusin-transit visibility for high-consequence assets so you know exactly where your assets are and their status
  • Geofence and interactive maps—display every route in your supply chain—down to individual carriers, segments, and ports for a given shipment anywhere in the world
  • Intelligent alert capabilities—leverage the solution’s ability to learn from organization, user, and asset behaviors and apply that knowledge to future events
  • Sensor agnostic solution—supports nearly any sensor technology including GPS, GPRS, RFID, GSM, environmental, etc. 


Savi Now

Track Your Assets Quickly and Affordably

Savi Now unleashes the power of smartphone sensors to provide you with the ability to monitor, control, and manage the movement of goods through the supply chain with the convenience of a finger swipe. Savi Now is a mobile app that uses the advanced sensor-based features of iOS and Android-based Smartphones to monitor the status and location of your shipments. The mobile app is integrated with ETA-as-a-Service, Savi Tracking, and Savi Insight.

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  • Displays precise shipment location—geofences multiple locations, corridors, and routes anywhere in the world
  • Exception-based alerts—provides alerts to the user, such as arrival, departure, dwell time, speeding, abnormal activity and other events
  • Complete reporting—details in-depth reports from journey audit, carrier performance, and customer delivery experience reports
  • Driver monitoring—delivers the ability to evaluate and track driver compliance, driving behavior, and delivery performance



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