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The Power to Control Your Supply Chain

Gain the power to accurately predict arrival of goods with Savi’s Estimated Time of Arrival-as-a-Service (ETAaaS). ETAaaS provides companies real-time shipment tracking and ETA information that enables customers to solve their inventory management, cross docking, carrier evaluation, and on-time delivery challenges.


ETAaaS is a cost effective supply chain optimization solution that can be implemented in weeks due to pre-built ETA scenarios that include proven KPI and analytics. Customers rely on Savi’s shipment tracking and alerts to optimize global multi-modal supply chain performance, improve delivery times and decrease costs.

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility—tracks real-time shipment location and adjusts ETA by considering historical patterns of disruption caused by weather, port congestion, and other factors

Data from Any Source—captures and analyzes data from any source including telematics, EDI, sensor, ERP, GPS, RFID, mobile and GPRS/GSM

Smart Technology—specialized algorithms are combined with historical information, machine learning, and real-time data to dramatically improve ETA estimates over time

Alerts Within Seconds—receive real-time alerts that notify if goods will arrive later or earlier than expected

24-7 Access—you can access service anywhere and at any time without purchasing additional software and hardware

Solve critical planning and delivery challenges and stay competitive

ETAaaS alleviates transportation and supply chain pain points that are facing the industry, specifically targeting challenges associated with planning and on-time delivery:

  • Days of inventory on hand increased by an average of 22% because of legacy planning systems, inaccurate data, and inadequate analytics tools
  • On time arrivals decreased by 5% over past two years because of transportation delays, manual processes, and poor information
  • Firms spend a large amount of time, money and resources performing manual carrier reconciliations to validate payments and calculate carrier scorecards
  • Retail, CPG, Food Service, and manufacturing firms lost $238 Billion in sales in 2015 because products were not delivered on time

Savi ETAaaS screenshot:


ETAaaS_shipments_overview_thumbnailSavi_ETAaaS_Screenshot_Shipments_OverviewSavi ETAaaS shows the status of all active shipments at-a-glance and allows you to quickly identify any at risk of missing expected delivery times.

Benefit from improved ETA accuracy in just three months:

estimated time of arrival accuracy benefits

Savi customers that implemented ETA-as-a-Service improved their ETA accuracy 37X over traditional methods, reduced the estimation error from 3 days to 30 minutes, and reduced shipping expenses by 10% while increasing on-time deliveries by 48%.

“Try and Buy” Program

Want to know how you can get similar benefits in three months or less? Contact us for more information about our ETA trial program including:

  • 12-week ETA-as-a-Service trial
  • No new software and hardware required for service
  • EDI and Telematics interface provide real-time shipment information
  • Real-time ETA alerts






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