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Track Your Assets Quickly and Affordably

Savi Now™ is a mobile app that uses the advanced sensor-based features of iOS and Android-based Smartphones to track and monitor the status and location of high-consequence goods.

Leverage your Smartphone to feed the intelligent supply chain

Savi Now is the ideal solution for companies that need to quickly implement a track and trace solution. The app improves security, accountability, and predictability in the supply chain, by leveraging a device that many already carry in their pocket. By simply downloading the app on a mobile device, Savi Now provides fast, easy and low-cost asset visibility.

Specifically, Savi Now:
  • Displays precise location in real time, anywhere in the world
  • Geofences multiple locations, corridors and routes
  • Provides exception-based alerts including arrival, departure, dwell time, speeding and other events
  • Delivers comprehensive end-of-journey audit reports
  • Tracks driver compliance and driving behavior
  • Supports vehicle utilization and maintenance scheduling

Using your Smartphone’s camera, Savi Now lets you capture additional asset data including:

  • Photos of the actual assets being moved
  • Barcode detail of assets

To learn more about Savi Now and its benefits, please contact us or call 888.994.SAVI.

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