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Tag-agnostic Asset Visibility Solution Supports Nearly Any Sensor Technology

Designed to address challenges around asset tracking, journey management, electronic cargo tracking and other assets in motion, Savi TrackingTM secures, monitors and provides operational intelligence on a wide range of assets and cargo types.

Know exact location and status

As a SaaS solution that supports nearly any “tag” technology (GPS, GPRS, wireless, environmental, etc.), Savi Tracking provides in-transit visibility for high-consequence assets—so you know exactly where your assets are and their security status.

To learn more about Savi Tracking and the benefits, please contact us or call 888.994.SAVI.

Understand actual versus expected status

Savi Tracking does more than locate—it compares location, travel and route so you can easily understand where each asset is relative to where it should be and at what time it should arrive. By creating a geo-fence, Savi Tracking identifies the established route and travel times for a given shipment or transport, and if the shipment deviates by either route or time, you receive an alert so action can be taken. With Savi Tracking, you obtain comprehensive asset visibility through a single platform so it’s easy to see all of your in-transit assets on live maps anywhere in the world.

Apply learning to future events

Savi Tracking offers intelligent alert capabilities that leverage the solution’s ability to learn from organization, user and asset behaviors and apply that knowledge to future events. As a result, Savi Tracking bridges the gaps across enterprise and legacy systems, captures planned and unplanned events and data, and provides real-time operational intelligence and predictive modeling. You’ll know not only what is happening now, but also what is likely to happen in

Take back control with accurate ETA

Savi Tracking is a key component of Savi Estimated Time of Arrival-as-a-Service, Savi’s SaaS-based solution that tracks shipment locations in real time and applies powerful analytics to accurately predict arrival of goods.

Unleash the power of Smartphone sensors with Savi NowTM

Savi Tracking also works with Savi Now, a mobile app designed to turn a Smartphone and its sensors into a low-cost, fast to implement solution for track and trace of any high-value asset.

Savi Tracking screenshots:


Savi Tracking Geofencing thumbnailSavi_Tracking_geofencing_corridors_setup_iMacSavi Tracking’s geofencing capabilities alert you when assets deviate from your defined route.

Screenshot-Tracking-journey-managementThe journey management capabilities in Savi Tracking allow you to manage assets, vehicles and drivers to deliver success.

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