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Gain the Control You Need to Ensure Materials Are In the Right Place at the Right Time

Few supply chains are as complex or as critical to survival as those that support military operations. Ineffective inventory management results in a significant surplus of materiel in the total supply chain, critical local shortages at some key locations and excessive transportation costs.

Accurately forecast consignment arrivals

Savi Consignment Management enables military logisticians to identify precisely where consignments are in the supply chain and accurately forecast when consignments will arrive at the front line, thus ensuring that the right materiel is in the right place at the right time.

Supporting the Warfighter

Savi Consignment Management provides real-time visibility and management of consignments, giving logisticians control over the flow of supplies so their forces have the necessary equipment and materiel to conduct operations as required. This improves operational readiness while reducing instances of duplicate orders and inventory in the total supply chain.

STANAG interoperability standards support

Savi Consignment Management supports the STANAG interoperability standards, which allow different coalition and allied militaries to share information in jointly deployed operations.

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Bring greater clarity to military operations, including:

  • Centralized inventory management of Allied forces: Provides centralized reporting on all consignment and asset locations across all allies by leveraging the STANAG interoperability standards between Allied nations.
  • Monitoring of inventory levels in the field: Alerts supply chain managers when supply levels in the field run low.
  • Localized inventory reports in the field: Allows troops in the field to view online consignment and asset reports. Individual consignment manifests can also be accessed by reading the individual RFID tags.
  • Managing the redeployment of assets: Provides prioritized inventory reports specifying which assets need to move where and which assets need to move first.

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