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a Complete Active RFID Solution for Quick Response Situations

For fast implementation or expansion, such as military deployments or emergency response situations, Savi developed the Portable Deployment Kit (PDK) and the new, lighter Portable Deployment Kit II.

Rugged. Mobile. Complete.

Designed to withstand the elements and damage that often occur during transport, PDKs provide a complete active RFID solution for real-time, end-to-end visibility of goods and critical assets moving through the supply chain at any location and any environment.

Operational right out of the box with no extra software required, PDKs include everything you need for a complete active RFID solution.

Automate data collection, aggregation, and de-aggregation

PDKs enable quick setup of mobile operations—automating the collection, aggregation, and de-aggregation of cargo and passenger manifest data. If you need to load military software, such as TC-AIMSII or CMOS, our PDKs can easily support that need.

Enable tag read and write capabilities

PDKs also enable active RFID tag read and write capabilities. A GPS unit captures the PDK’s latitude and longitude coordinates; these coordinate tag data are then communicated to the Savi SmartChain™ Workstation and forwarded to the RF-ITV Network via an Iridium modem.


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To learn more about our PDKs, please contact us or call 888.994.SAVI.


Download PDK Datasheets

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