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The robust, on-premise solution for the tracking & management of high-value assets

Savi SmartChain™ is the robust, on-premise solution for the tracking and management of high-value assets. SmartChain is both smart and “tag-agnostic”—meaning the platform is able to ingest, normalize and clean any source of data while providing actionable supply chain insights and operational intelligence.

Real-time information on supplies, equipment and materiel.

SmartChain is the glue between your accounting/ERP, manual processes and other systems—filling that big white space in your supply chain so you get real-time information on shipments, supplies, equipment and materiel.


Increase efficiencies and reduce theft

Using built-in dashboards, mobile access and supporting nearly any tracking technology (GPS, SatComm, wireless, etc.), SmartChain enables you to:

  • Increase return on assets (ROA) and asset utilization
  • Increase operational efficiencies and streamline operations
  • Reduce excess inventory and eliminate inadvertent stockpiles and hoarding
  • Reduce capital and demurrage costs
  • Prevent theft and loss of high-value assets
Real-Time ERP Integration

Many organizations depend on enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications to enable large-scale order, shipping and delivery planning. With Savi SmartChain’s certified link to ERP applications like SAP Logistics, it’s easy to compare real-time data gathered from items in transit so you can answer questions including:

  • Is every shipment on time?
  • Has any item been misrouted?
  • Which orders are fulfilled, as indicated by the physical arrival of items?
  • What output or delivery can we commit to?

Savi SmartChain Dashboard thumbnailSavi_Insight_issues_returns_stock_with-KPIS_iMac

Savi SmartChain Network Inventory Report thumbnailSavi_Insight_corridor_risk_maps_iMac


To learn more about SmartChain and its benefits, please contact us or call 888.994.SAVI.

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