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Setting the Standard

Proven, Active RFID Solutions

Savi offers a comprehensive set of tags and readers that protect and track your critical assets. As a pioneer in the development of active RFID technology, Savi’s hardware has been battle-tested in the harshest, most demanding conditions. Further, Savi has a “tag agnostic” approach to supply chain analytics, so we partner with third-party vendors to deploy and support the broadest range of hardware.

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Savi Tags

Accurate and Dependable

Savi Tags are built to drive effective and accurate real-time tracking of assets and shipments throughout the global supply chain. Savi Tags enable organizations to access real-time information on the location, condition and security status of assets and shipments. Savi Tags have been battle-tested globally for two decades, and they are what organizations around the world rely on to ensure their mission-critical supplies reach their destination. Today, Savi Tags track hundreds of thousands of shipments per year in more than 50 countries across the global supply chain. Savi Tags support passive and active RFID, GPS, GPRS and satellite communications.

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Savi Readers

Wide Range of Fixed and Mobile Readers

Savi provides customers with a wide range of fixed and mobile readers specific to each implementation. Savi Fixed Readers track items moving through gates and chokepoints or monitor assets within warehouses and yards. The fixed readers then forward this data to Savi SmartChain or other applications using the SmartChain Developer’s Platform.

The Savi Mobile Reader (SMR) performs similar functions as the Savi Fixed Readers, except that the SMR is designed to connect directly with mobile devices and workstations. SMRs are portable devices that on-the-ground personnel use to interact with assets and shipments. SmartChain Edge applications and devices capture operational field events, such as attaching a tag to an asset, shipping an asset or consolidating a shipment.

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Portable Deployment Kits

Fast and Flexible Implementation

For fast implementation or expansion of tracking areas, as is the case with military deployments, Savi has developed the Savi Portable Deployment Kit (PDK) and a lighter version, the PDK II. The hardened transit case protects equipment from water (rain, seawater, fog, etc.) and from damage if the case is dropped during loading and unloading or exposed to harsh vibration while being transported over unpaved roads. The PDKs are operational out of the box, with a laptop, mobile device, mobile readers, printer, software and communications equipment included.

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RFID-IV Catalog

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To meet the needs of any use case, Savi provides a variety of sensor and reader solutions that work with our tag-agnostic software solutions. From passive RFID to SatCom, to GPS, Savi’s got you covered.

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