Getting Lean

The VP of Operations and Manufacturing must manage a massive flow of arriving shipments and complex work-in-process. Together they must account for everything that enters a factory, deliver parts at the right time and place for production, then mark and track every asset they produce. At every step from the arrival, the unloading dock to stockpile, and then on to the point of use, factories and MROs need to avoid lost inventory and lost time.

The dock-to-stock process must be efficient and secure. Lost parts lead to overstocked inventory and production delay. The volume and complexity of tracking raw materials and components is extremely high and requires automation. Inventory managers need to be alerted to shipment delays, and problem conditions affecting containers waiting to be unloaded. Even in modernized facilities, factory managers need to reduce or eliminate time spent looking for missing items.

Benefits of streamlining manufacturing with Savi include:

  • Greater ability to fulfill performance guarantees
  • Avoid penalties for missed milestones
  • Sharp reduction of lost and misplaced parts and material
  • Prevent counterfeit parts from entering supply chain
  • Efficient path from entry dock to stock to use
  • More efficient inventory reconciliation for optimal levels
  • Accurate tracking of consumption and less reliance on forecasting
  • Greater ability to avoid maintenance delays
  • Backward-compatible readers can track ANSI tags on older assets