On the Move

Military/Global Defense forces move an assortment and total value of assets in their supply chains that are greater than most private enterprises.

In many countries, defense budgets are under constant political and internal pressure, as a result, armed forces continually battle for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Supply chain intelligence, asset visibility, management and security are among its best options for budget reduction, because they enable defense logistics to reduce costs with little downside. Today, military supply chains require a worldwide, real-time view of its assets deploying unit equipment and sustainment supplies. Data from every type of tracking device and reader has to be monitored continually, and compared to plan data and mission requirements from enterprise planning systems. With an integrated link between real-time asset information and planning systems, defense forces are in a much better position to match execution to logistics plans. Real-time visibility of supplies and planning system integration is just the starting point for Military/Global Defense asset management and tracking. Deploying and sustaining troops in remote locations through high threat, unpredictable supply routes presents a unique set of logistics challenges for defense forces. What military logistics planners need, to address these challenges is the ability to analyze asset location and visibility information for security issues. This allows them to:

  • Identify high threat zones
  • Flag suspect cargo that may require replenishing
  • Pose a hazard to receiving troops, and ultimately provide intelligence to help take preventative measures.

Defense forces need a global defense asset tracking and lifecycle management system that:

  • Provides worldwide asset visibility to establish and maintain accountability
  • Determines where shipments are and where they are going
  • Validates asset movements against planned routes and required deliveries
  • Identifies and helps resolves supply chain bottlenecks
  • Enables process automation for efficient inventory management and effective logistics

Savi has come to know its military customers as the largest, most knowledgeable supply chain operators in the world. On asset deployment, protection, and management, they are also among the most forward thinking. As a long-term partner to defense forces in many countries, we bring forward new ideas that can improve military logistics and save taxpayer dollars. The value of safely delivering critical supplies to fighting forces at the right moment and place is beyond calculation. Savi has partnered with the DoD for over 23 years, and we are battle-tested and proven in the most complex situations. We have surge capability to handle large, known requirements and our experts at Savi can be reached at (888) 994-SAVI (7284) to help you with any questions you can can contact us.