Eliminating Production Delays

Oil, Gas and Mining production facilities undergo perpetual wear-and-tear from their harsh environment and arduous work. As production-critical assets come through the supply chain, their value rises to extreme levels. Savi Technology enables you to track, deliver, and account for equipment and tools needed to sustain production 24 x 365.

On an oil or gas rig, or in a mine, if critical equipment or parts are missing or unfit for use, the loss of production and environmental damage can be staggering. All parts and tools have an expected life span but breakage must be anticipated. Keeping the production site supplied and ready is a constant challenge. Long delivery lead times and lack of visibility result in expensive overstocking.

Oil, gas and mining producers must be able to get assets and supplies to the point of production.  The requisition to delivery process needs to be reliable and rapid. Drilling and extraction equipment, tools, and cargo-carrying units (CCUs) should be tracked en route and on the rig.

If you are like most major producers, you have a long supply chain that starts with hundreds of vendors feeding into warehouse and laydown yards, then to embarkation port and delivery vessel—or on an expensive day, the helicopter. Once arrived, tracking of tools and key rental items is a million-dollar issue. Shrinkage, misplacement and warehouse delays must be minimized because the cost of shutting down is extremely high.

Oil, gas and mining producers often use high-value rental equipment. Daily rental and overtime fees can run to thousands per day, and millions per month. Tracking rental assets and contracts is a necessity, if only to ensure they are returned on time and duplicates are never rented. Environmental and safety regulations also make it imperative to know the location of required equipment. Adopting the Savi Technology could also cut red tape at customs, clearing cargo units and contents in hours rather than weeks.

Not everything on a rig or in a mine can be controlled. But the location and status of every asset, tool, and supply container can be fully visible at all times. The more precise your production operation, the safer and more profitable it becomes. End-to-end operation of your supply chain can be more efficient, and fulfillment faster and more accurate.