Innovation is at the core of Savi’s history

Since the company’s founding in 1989, Savi has held a special position helping to secure the United States and its Allies. Savi first helped protect our men and women in uniform during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm by providing visibility into the movement of critical shipments throughout the military’s supply chain.

Competitive Advantage

Savi has continued to invest in new technology and intellectual property in order to better protect our allied forces. Nothing demonstrates Savi’s commitment to innovation more than its patent portfolio. Examples of patents Savi holds include secure tracking of intermodal containers and public key encryption.

Today, our government and commercial customers rely on Savi for comprehensive asset tracking and visibility, more accurate ETAs, and identifying operational efficiencies that save money and deliver competitive advantage.


Our Vision

Advancing a secure, illuminated global supply chain so our customers have what they need, when they need it to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.


Our Mission

Illuminate the global supply chain by advancing detailed tracking and powerful analytics so our customers can operate with greater predictability and insight.

“A logistics service provider uses Savi solutions to improve cross-docking efficiency for their customer. More precise ETAs allowed them to plan their dock schedule every six hours instead of every twenty-four hours, which resulted in a more efficient use of labor—no standing around waiting for shipments to arrive. A decrease in “on time in full” penalties and an increase in inventory turns made them a hero with their customer.”


Our Products

Savi Insight™ offers predictive and prescriptive supply chain analytics solutions.

In-Transit Visbility
Savi Visibility™ helps organizations make better operational decisions with real-time information about critical business assets

Multi-Enterprise Grid
Share a single view of truth with your enterprise, suppliers, customers, and partners.

Data Capture Hardware
The promise of the Internet of Things is real-time, accurate, impartial, data collected for you and delivered to you