ST-654 RFQs: Product Info

Are you a supplier bidding on a contract involving Savi’s ST-654 tags? Here is information to enable you to scope your bid.

Savi will not provide separate quotes to individual suppliers. Please review the information below to prepare your bid. Once your bid is confirmed, place your order here.

About the ST-654: Pricing, Lead Time & Shipping Info

Model number: ST-654-041 or ST-654-041-NSN

NSN: 6350-01-579-3126

Note: The ST-654-031 and ST-654-001 are all obsolete versions of the ST-654-041 tag. The ST-654-001 WILL NOT WORK on the RF-ITV network. No previous versions of the ST-654 tag should be substituted.


The ST-654-041 is available for $100 each. Please note this pricing does not include shipping and handling as Savi’s INCOTERMS are EXW.

There are no volume discounts available.

Lead Time

Standard lead time is 120 days.

Dimensions & Shipping

The tags come 50 per box. Each box weighs approximately 20 lbs and measures 15.1 X 10.0 X 14.8 inches. Each tag contains one lithium metal battery per tag. All boxes are packaged and labeled in compliance with UN3091, P.I. 970 Section II.

Shipment pick-up is from Columbia, MD. Savi can process shipments charging against a third-party FedEx or UPS number if desired.

Battery Information

Please reference this Battery Information Sheet for details you may need to prepare for importation.


Orders under $5,000 must be prepaid by credit card or wire transfer.

Orders over $5,000 may be prepaid or you may request credit terms, which requires a completed and approved credit application.

Once your bid is confirmed, place your order here.