In-Transit Visibility: Today’s Tools & the Art of the Possible [Seminar]

The U.S. Department of Defense is one of the world’s largest, most complex supply chains. What logistics lessons can the DoD take from how the private sector is using data science, big data & Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to improve in-transit visibility?

We look forward to exploring that question in a special seminar, “In-Transit Visibility: Today’s Tools & the Art of the Possible,” at the Eisenhower School on March 6, 2020. Our speakers will cover the current #RFID system, to tailored use of supply chain visibility technology in different commercial industries, to the supply chain of tomorrow. We are excited to discuss the current and future impacts of asset and shipment tracking technology.


  • Rosemary Johnston, SVP, Operations
  • Ed de Bruijn, Director, Technical Program Management
  • Dr. Heather Krieger, Principal Data Scientist