Next Generation Active RFID Tags From Savi Deliver Dramatic Performance Improvements

Tags Excel Beyond U.S. Department of Defense Requirements

ALEXANDRIA, VA (June 19, 2013) – Supply chain and logistics professionals can improve the speed, performance and reliability of their operations with the next generation active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags released today by Savi Technology, pioneer and leading provider of sensor-based analytic solutions. Savi’s widely-deployed ST-654 data rich tag, ST-621 license plate tag and the ST-618 asset tag now use Savi’s proprietary System on a Chip™ (SoC) which delivers dramatic improvements in range, reliability, battery life, storage capacity and computing capability.

The new tags boast improvements in static range as well as collections. The static Ultra High Frequency (UHF) range is increased by 30% to 650 feet, well beyond the requirements established by the U.S. Department of Defense in the current RFID III contract and RFID IV proposal. Static low frequency (LF) range has also been improved and is now three times greater than previous versions of these tags,thereby reducing the number of readers required for chokepoint (gate) detection of tags. As a result, users can automatically identify and track critical assets over much longer ranges, which is critical given the demanding nature of asset tracking and global, mission critical, supply chain logistics.

The Savi tags also double the number of UHF collections at 25 miles per hour, improving the reliability of tracked asset information and the speed at which shipments can move through facilities and routes. Performance improvements made possible with the System on a Chip also reduce power consumption in the tags, extending battery life beyond five years. Validation of the tag improvements was completed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), one among ten U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories managed by DOE’s Office of Science, as part of their certification of the tags for use on the Department of Defense’s In-Transit Visibility network (RF ITV).

Savi’s ST-654 data rich tag provides 128KB of data storage. The majority of asset tags in use today are limited to 2KB of storage, which is primarily used for location and travel. The larger storage capacity provided in Savi’s data rich tags allows users to store greater amounts and types of data, which in turn can yield improved business insights via Savi’s sensor-based analytics platform.

“Organizations with assets on the move through a complex, globally distributed supply chain need more information about the performance of their critical business assets in real-time in order to make more informed decisions,” said Bill Clark, President and CEO, Savi Technology. “Savi’s continued innovation in active RFID brings increasing value to our government and commercial customers by capturing critical asset and operational information as it happens. When this new data is combined with Savi’s sensor based analytics platform organizations are able to turn sensor and supply chain data into actionable insights.”

According to ABI Research, the market for RFID transponders, readers, software, and services will grow significantly between 2013 and 2017. Government, retail, and transportation and logistics have been identified as the most valuable sectors, accounting for 60% of accumulated revenue over the next five years. Efficiency, improved operational capability, and the ability to generate useful business intelligence data are the overriding goals behind this adoption. Frost & Sullivan noted similar trends, predicting that the drive for improved business intelligence and process will push the active RFID market from just above $1B currently to more than $8B by the year 2017.

Savi tags are built to drive effective and accurate real-time tracking of assets and shipments throughout the global supply chain. Savi tags enable organizations to access real-time information on the location of assets and shipments, as well as their condition and security status. Savi tags track hundreds of thousands of shipments per year in more than 50 countries.

  • The Savi ST-654 high performance, data-rich active RFID tag is suited for applications including
    the tracking of shipping containers, vehicles and other large assets and delivers real-time asset
    information to guide supply chain operations.
  • The Savi ST-618 is a rugged active RFID tag ideally suited for the locating, tracking and
    managing of medium to high value assets in both defense and commercial applications.
  • The Savi ST-621 license plate tag is a cost-effective, active RFID tag designed for various
    applications, including the tracking of shipping containers and other conveyances.


The new tags are available now from Savi directly, with pricing unchanged from previous versions. The new tags are already in use with the U.S. Department of Defense on the RFID III contract. While select vendors are licensed to sell Savi’s ISO 18000-7 tag designs under RFID III, Savi is the only provider that can offer this newer version with the significantly improved performance and capabilities.

System on a Chip

Savi’s System on a Chip combines a full ISO 18000-7 active RFID solution into one silicon chip package, which dramatically consolidates and simplifies the integration of electrical circuitry used to process and store data on RFID tags and readers. The Savi SoC provides an ultra-low power state-of-the-art processor core in a single 9mm x 9mm chip package that contains all of the core capabilities of a Savi RFID product including UHF radio (Ultra High Frequency 433 MHz transceiver), LF receiver (Low Frequency 123KHz), processor, memory, and ISO 18000-7 firmware. The small size of Savi’s SoC now makes it much easier to embed RFID in other technology devices or directly into an asset.

About Savi

Savi Technology provides enterprises and organizations with unique and critical insight through the Savi Sensor Based Analytics Platform. The platform gives enterprises the ability to access, analyze and learn from new data in ways previously impossible, yielding streamlined operations, enhanced security and dramatically improved enterprise decision-making. Savi is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with operations in Lexington, KY and around the world. Savi was recently named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for the economic improvements its technology has provided to several countries in Africa. Savi has more than 100 domestic and foreign issued patents covering a variety of technologies and is an active participant in several industry standards bodies including ISO 18000-7. For more information visit

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