Savi Mobile Tracking System 2.4 Bridges Gaps In Cargo Tracking, Logistics And Enterprise Systems To Deliver Real-Time Operational Intelligence

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Sept. 16, 2013) – Organizations gain more accurate operational insight and supply chain visibility while protecting existing investments in sensor “tag” hardware with today’s release of Savi Mobile Tracking System 2.4 (SMTS 2.4). Today’s release also introduces intelligent alert capabilities that leverage SMTS 2.4’s ability to learn from organization, user and asset behaviors and apply that knowledge to future events. Combined with additional usability improvements, SMTS 2.4 bridges the gaps across enterprise and legacy systems, captures planned and unplanned events and data, and provides real-time operational intelligence.

Because of gaps in coverage areas, battery performance or intentional tag tampering, sensor data quality is often poor or incomplete, particularly when monitoring assets across wide geographic regions and in areas with little to no infrastructure. Tracking vendors have traditionally leveraged this deficiency to force customers into purchasing new tags designed for that vendor’s system. Savi Technology, pioneer and leading provider of sensor-based operational analytic solutions, has adopted a tag-agnostic approach that enables customers to
leverage tags from multiple providers.

SMTS 2.4 enables the tag-agnostic approach and improves data accuracy by correcting and filtering sensor data. SMTS 2.4 applies built-in logic to address out-of-sequence reads and event data received by sensors, so organizations can be confident in the quality and accuracy of their operational information. This new data filtering capability also reduces the number of false alerts triggered by the system, freeing users and analysts to concentrate on value-added activities.

“Forward-thinking organizations are driving a remarkable expansion in the business of monitoring cargo and high value assets,” said Andy Souders, SVP, Products and Strategy at Savi Technology. “Reliable location and condition status are mere table stakes for the greater goal of operational intelligence and predictive modeling. It’s not just about being able to react to specific alert or knowing where an asset is, it’s about making sense of all of this data to drive real insights. With SMTS 2.4, our customers know not only what is happening now, but also what is likely to happen in the future.”

SMTS 2.4 also features several usability improvements to help organizations better model real-world operations. Users can easily customize alert thresholds to notify them of unexpected changes in transport (e.g., going off route, excessive idling) or when assets arrive or depart specific areas. SMTS 2.4 automatically pushes this information to users, enabling a faster response than systems that require users to be actively using an application.

A larger asset map, improved icons and visual alerts make it possible for users to operate primarily from the map view. Users can identify at a glance the location and status of inventory as well as high volume locations or routes. SMTS 2.4 also introduces Detailed Asset Hover, which displays critical status such as speed, direction, location, and other criteria by mouseover. Users can drill down for even greater detail by clicking on assets directly from the map view.

“We are pleased with the performance of the Savi Mobile Tracking System in tracking freight movements in the various countries we are operating our OMNIS solution,” said Philippe Isler, Global Business Development Manager, Governments and Institutions Services (GIS), SGS. “The near real-time visibility of the freight movements along with their security status and location has meant we are able to monitor vehicles on behalf of our clients and customs to ensure the correct and safe transit of cargo.”

SMTS 2.4 also boasts significantly improved geocoding, which is used to locate assets, vehicles or shipments on a live map or within an established route area. New in SMTS 2.4 is reverse geo-coding, or the translation of the latitude/longitude coordinates into an actual place on a map such as a street address, established site or existing route. This provides users with a more specific location identifier immediately, which can be critical in events such as theft, mechanical breakdown or emergency response.

About Savi Mobile Tracking System

Savi Mobile Tracking System is an integrated solution that provides greater transparency of shipments, improves transit times and identifies diversion of assets from established routes and locations for a wide range of cargo and asset types – ISO containers on road and rail, closed rail wagons and tanker railcars, wet cargo (fuel trucks) and in-vehicle units for vehicle tracking. The solution supports multiple wireless sensor technologies including GPS, GPRS, RFID and satellite communications. SMTS provides real-time in-transit visibility and asset management via a single-screen dashboard that displays all assets, location, transit and established routes on live maps, with real and relevant-time updates.

About Savi

Savi Technology provides organizations with operational analytics – the ability to collect and convert operational information into useful knowledge – from physical objects like supplies, equipment and cargo. The Savi Sensor Based Analytics Platform gives enterprises the ability to access, analyze and learn from new data in ways previously impossible, yielding streamlined operations, enhanced security and dramatically improved enterprise decision-making. Savi is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with operations in Lexington, KY and around the world. Savi was named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for the economic improvements its technology has provided to several countries in Africa. Savi has more than 100 domestic and foreign issued patents covering a variety of technologies and is an active participant in several industry standards bodies including ISO 18000-7. For more information visit

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