Savi Powers Complete In-Transit Visibility With Savi Tracking 3.0

New mobile capabilities deliver operational intelligence and on-demand access anytime, anywhere

ALEXANDRIA, VA (November 19, 2014) – Savi®, a pioneer in sensor technology and sensor analytics solutions that create operational intelligence from the Internet of Things, today announced the latest release of its award winning Savi Tracking™ application. The enhanced solution delivers new mobile capabilities that allow users to access, view and enter critical information about their in-transit and high-consequence assets in real-time on most smartphones and tablets. Savi Tracking 3.0 has a redesigned and streamlined user interface, making it easier and faster to obtain critical supply chain information. In addition, performance enhancements leveraging Savi’s Hybrid Lamba Architecture® allow even more sensor data to be read and processed in less time. As a result, users minimize the impact of high-risk conditions and locations through analysis of abnormal sensor events, better secure high-value assets and improve supply chain management through real-time visibility and operational intelligence.

“As the volume of machine-generated data increases exponentially, turning that data into actionable business intelligence has become an enormous and urgent challenge. Sensors currently generate over 30% of the estimated 2.3 trillion GB of data produced every day and that number is expected to grow to 40 trillion GB by 2020. The enhancements we’ve made to Savi Tracking help organizations reduce risk and improve performance by making it even easier to turn that vast amount of sensor data into operational intelligence.

We are particularly excited about the new mobile capabilities added to Savi Tracking, which allows users to know the status and condition of their high-consequence goods no matter where in the world the goods or the users are,” said Bill Clark, President & CEO of Savi.

“Savi is the exclusive, worldwide technology supplier for OMNIS, our Electronic Cargo Tracking Solution for monitoring, tracking and securing shipments,” said Roger Kamgaing, EVP at SGS. “Savi Tracking enables us to track and secure our customers’ high-value in-transit assets and to minimize cargo loss and damage. After 6 months operations, the rate of cargo loss for some of our most integrated customers’ operations reduced to less than 2% with the solution. We expect the new enhancements in Savi Tracking 3.0 to make it even easier for us to realize business benefits from sensor data to better serve our customers’ needs.”

In the new Savi Tracking release, simplified administration, improved search functionality and improved workflow capabilities ensure users are able to focus on getting maximum benefit and awareness from their sensor data with an enhanced user experience. Customers are able to easily navigate between views and can utilize both additional high-level oversight and drill down historical and descriptive capabilities.

Savi Tracking 3.0 is now 100% HTML5 compatible, which extends technology integration for easier customization, enables full browser cross-compatibility and empowers mobile device optimization to give users real-time updates anytime and anywhere. The ability to view critical supply chain information in real-time equates to faster problem and risk identification, and therefore, quicker solutions and extends the reach of Savi Tracking within today’s 24 x 7 supply chain. Savi Tracking 3.0 is linked to Savi Insight, Savi’s SaaS-based analytics solution that captures sensor data from any tracking system, correlates multiple variables and applies predictive and prescriptive analytics to turn data into actionable information that optimize supply chain management.

Savi has deployed more than 4 million sensors in more than 50 countries. The technology is used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to identify troops and assets in some of the world’s most hostile regions and by more than 580 commercial organizations globally to track and manage high-value assets.

About Savi

Leveraging 25 years of leadership in sensor technology, Savi is pioneering sensor analytics solutions that create operational intelligence from the Internet of Things. Applying big data technologies to machine-generated data, Savi solutions are trusted to run the world’s largest and most complex asset tracking and monitoring network, serving the U.S. DoD, Allied military and more than 580 commercial companies around the world. For more information about Savi visit

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