Supply Chain Tracking (SCT) Technology Ltd To Offer Sensor Based Consignment Tracking Solution For Military Logistics

SCT Technology Acquires International Defence Division from Savi Technology

London, England, July 25, 2017.  SCT — an international RFID system provider —  today announced that it will offer a consignment management application (CMA) to track military shipments.  SCT has recently finalised the acquisition of the international defence business division from Savi Technology, Inc of Virginia, USA.

As part of the acquisition, SCT will take over the support for the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) sensor-based CMA solution as used by NATO and several allied militaries. SCT will develop the CMA solution so that it continues to meet the evolving and challenging requirements of military logistic staffs for both in-transit visibility and control of mission essential equipment moving along the supply chain.

Headed up by Eric Gill,  previously Savi’s Vice President of International Operations, SCT has assembled a team of highly-skilled professionals to ensure a seamless transition from Savi Technology and to provide support for the growth of the services.

About SCT Technology

SCT Technology is a supplier of consignment and asset tracking software using RFID and GPS sensors and hardware to provide military logisticians with in-transit supply chain visibility of high-value consignments and assets.  Built to the latest NATO standardisation regulations, SCT Technology’s Consignment Management Application software provides fully interoperable, multi-national nested visibility of mission essential equipment moving along national or coalition supply chains.

SCT Technology offers consultancy support and advice to customers looking to exploit RFID technology for monitoring of in-transit consignments and assets as well as recommending third party technology where it best suits.

Manned by experienced ex-military logisticians, SCT Technology provides NATO and allied militaries with an end-to-end solution ranging from consultancy advice and implementation support of the CMA software as well as the latest RFID and GPS hardware. To learn more about SCT Technology Ltd, visit

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