Chemical Company

A globally recognized leader, this innovative Company delivers a portfolio of over 5,000 technology-based products and solutions, including specialty chemical, advanced materials and plastics, to customers in approximately 160 countries.  The Company’s products are manufactured at 197 sites in 36 companies across the globe.

What was needed

GPS tracking of trucks is old news. But for many industries, accurate location information about trucks isn’t nearly enough to ensure that customer commitments and environmental requirements are being met. In the chemical industry, for example, trucks operated by independent carriers frequently carry sensitive, caustic, volatile or hazardous materials that must be monitored constantly throughout their journey for safety, cargo integrity, and security. In these cases, the risk of failure is simply too great. There are financial, environmental and possible human costs at stake. One global chemical company turned to Savi to gain access to the real-time sensor data that they needed to monitor and manage their business.

Actions taken

For accurate, continuous  display of asset location information, combined with asset cargo condition, integrity and security status, Savi deployed its Mobile Tracking platform to collect and process data collected from GPS and in real time. Savi also delivered seamless integration of the asset tracking data stream with the customer’s existing enterprise software infrastructure. Savi was able to integrate GPS information from each shipment with environmental data and security/integrity monitoring and combine this information into a single map-based real-time information display. In addition, using the Savi platform, the client was able to easily implement geofencing — defining journey corridors and anticipated journey timeframes for its shipments. Now, when a shipment is off the route, or delayed, decision-makers receive real-time alerts and can quickly take action.


Since the deployment of the Savi platform, the customer has documented improved customer service, faster identification and resolution of in-transit problems, reduced fulfillment lead time, more accurate and timely auditing of demurrage bills and elimination of human error associated with manual, ad hoc processes to capture and enter data. Because Savi provided the customer with access to real-time data, the customer has improved their bottom line, enhanced safety and maximized customer satisfaction.

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