For more than 90 years, Coles has had a rich history in Australia. The company can trace its origins to the founders of Australia’s retail industry.  Today Coles is a leader in Australian food retailing, with more than 100,000 employees and over 11 million customer transactions a week. Coles is owned by Westfarmers Ltd.

What was needed

The logistical processes behind the Coles operation are staggering. For example, Coles employs more than 3.5 million reusable shipping assets to keep produce and other goods moving from supplier to warehouse to store. Some of these assets are reusable plastic containers (RPCs) owned by Coles and rented to providers. Others are reusable shipping pallets, which are rented by Coles from a third party. Clearly, Coles has a lot riding on their accurate understanding of the movements and locations of these reusable assets.

Actions taken

After evaluating possible in-house solutions for asset and logistics tracking, Coles asked Savi for a technology solution that would allow them to increase tracking efficiency and reporting accuracy for the 3.5 million reusable shipping assets that circulate throughout the Coles supply chain. The Savi platform proved to be a great fit for this customer need. Savi deployed the platform and integrated with Coles’ existing back-office software and business processes.


Now Coles is able to use the Savi platform to manage all of their reusable shipping assets. RPCs are tracked when they are issued and returned, and the reports from the Savi system help Coles better understand the dynamics of their RPC cycle. Data and reports from the Savi platform are passed to in-house systems to generate more accurate bills, in less time, with less effort. In addition, Coles uses the Savi platform to better control the rental expenses they incur from their use of third-party shipping pallets. In summary, by using the Savi platform, Coles maximizes revenues and minimized expenses associated with reusable shipping assets. For Coles, Savi delivers results directly to the bottom line.

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