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SGS: Preventing Cargo Diversion in Kenya


Kenya agencies were looking for a technology solution to reduce cargo diversion within the country’s borders. Trucks carrying oil and gas were of particular concern.

Our customer, SGS, had to work with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to implement the identified solution that would address these challenges.


The answer was to use the OMNIS system from SGS, a service first used in Ghana to help solve similar issues of keeping track of cargo, collecting badly needed government revenue, and making sure goods are delivered to the people who need them.

The technology engine behind the OMNIS system is the Savi Mobile Tracking System™, an integrated combination of specialized software and hardware that enables continuous tracking of cargo.

Using this technology, we are assisting Kenya’s existing customs processes so that trucks entering Kenyan territory are equipped with a permanent tracking device which transmits its position through the GSM/GPRS network.

Electronic seals fixed on containers are then coupled with the trucks using RFID. Predefined transit corridors have been configured into the system for geo-fencing purposes. Trucks which drive off course are immediately identified and the customs control room notified.

If the seals are tampered with or broken, an alarm is triggered, so customs can take immediate action. This monitoring is performed on all transit consignments.

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