Savi Sensors Supply Chain

What’s your supply chain IQ?

Make smarter decisions by systematically analyzing supply chain risk, visibility, and connectivity. These 3 areas are crucial for companies to master so that they can save money, increase agility, reduce disruptions, and improve customer service.


What are your supply chain IQ challenges?

If you answered…


You are exposed to major risks that are putting your shipments in danger and costing a lot of money. These risks are impossible to detect without IoT technology because carriers cannot provide real-time in-transit data. Savi’s sensors detect temperature, speed, break-ins, and other threats from transporting assets. These alerts allow companies to respond quickly to eliminate delays and minimize the consequences of theft and damage.


Most companies have milestone visibility which tells them the location of their assets only after they have arrived certain checkpoints. This provides minimal visibility into the location of their assets in between checkpoints. To achieve supply chain transparency assets must be visible in real time. With real-time visibility companies know the status of their products at any time, when a shipment is delayed, and how long it will be delayed. Supply chain visibility improves cross docking efficiency, reduces detention and demurrage costs, and increases on-time deliveries.


You can improve your company’s supply chain connectivity by capturing Internet of Things (IoT) data from sensors, telematics, GPS, AIS mobile apps, EDI, weather, traffic, and social media. The IoT captures data across multiple networks creating a connected flow of real-time information. This information is current and actionable, allowing companies to proactively respond to shipment disruptions and delays.


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