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Hurricane Dorian Impacting Shipments

Savi’s tagline is “The Value of Knowing”.  As Hurricane Dorian bears down on the ports of Florida and potentially others up the East Coast, knowing where your shipments are in relation to the storm is pretty important. All vessel movements in the region are expected to come to a halt as Dorian bears down on the southeastern US. Current forecasts have the storm making landfall along the east coast of Florida Monday morning, potentially as a category 4 hurricane.

If you are a chemical supply shipper and your container is delayed or diverted, will there be storage tanks available when you need them?

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer, what is the ETA for your shipment to arrive at the distribution center? Will any delays break the cold chain, resulting in millions of dollars lost? Will that ETA allow you to meet customer critical hospital orders in time?

Having this real-time snapshot and continuously updating ETAs is vital when supply chain disruption like hurricanes hit. The latent information milestone reporting offers is of little value when a precise location is needed to make a feasible Plan B. Real-Time response has become an expectation in supply chain management. Without the proper tools to provide end-to-end in-transit visibility, your business cannot compete.