Savi Visibility™

Finally, 100% Visibility on all Multimodal In-Transit Shipments

Savi Visibility delivers the ability to see where all multimodal transport shipments are, understand current conditions and know when shipments will arrive at their destination. To provide real-time visibility, Savi Visibility ingests sensor readings, Global Positioning System (GPS), telematics, ocean vessel location, private data sources and combines this streaming data with non-real-time data, such as EDI messages. A multitude of IoT supply chain data points are used to provide a comprehensive, accurate snapshot of inventory in transit.

Over Perform

Enjoy Real-Time Asset Tracking and Improve Orchestration

Using real-time information, weather reports, transit conditions, and up-to-date timelines and changes, supply chain managers now have greater opportunities to deliver critical cargo on time and intact. Exception alerts help teams focus only where needed—late or trending late shipments, early arrivals, deviations from plan, tampering, etc. Knowing precise ETAs help managers confidently modify a manufacturing run, re-route inventory, and accelerate or delay live (or staged) loading.

In-Transit Visibility Increases Stakeholder Trust

Customer satisfaction often hinges on the fulfillment of delivery within a specified timeframe. Savi Visibility quickly alerts supply chain managers to route disruptions or other exceptions, giving them time to find alternatives and avoid late arrivals and late fees. Get out in front of trending late or late shipments by notifying carriers and asking for a new delivery window.

Leverage IoT Supply Chain Visibility for Enhanced Security

Precise visibility of in-transit inventory’s location makes it easier to monitor high-value goods. It also decreases the potential for loss, theft or gray market diversion. Live streaming data from points along the journey can trigger an immediate alert when a shipment is stationary beyond a precon¬figured window of time. Savi Visibility is necessary for organizations to remain competitive. Monitor shipments in real-time as they move through high-risk locations or hand-offs.

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