Savi Now Mobile App Unleashes the Power of Smartphone Sensors and Feeds the Intelligent Supply Chain

Adds billions of potential “sensors” to help improve supply chain visibility and predictability

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ALEXANDRIA, VA (March 24, 2015) – Savi®, a pioneer in sensor technology and sensor analytics solutions that create operational intelligence from the Internet of Things, today announced the launch of Savi Now™, a mobile app that takes advantage of the advanced sensor-based features of iOS and Android smartphones to deepen visibility into the location, status and risk profile of high-consequence goods. Savi Now allows global commercial and government organizations to tap into the full set of features available on smartphones to better track and manage assets through the supply chain, mitigate risk and optimize performance.

With Savi Now, users can track the precise, real-time location of assets anywhere in the world, and receive exception-based notifications and alerts, including arrival, departure, dwell-time and speeding events. The app uses the smartphone’s embedded hardware to scan barcodes and store photos of the assets and track assets via the smartphone’s internal GPS. This new approach to tracking enhances security, accountability and predictability in the supply chain, by leveraging a device that many already carry in their pocket.

“With analysts predicting the number of smartphones to eclipse the 2 billion mark in 2015, we saw a significant opportunity to improve supply chain visibility,” said Brian Moran, Senior Director of Product Development at Savi. “Smartphones are a driving force behind the Internet of Things and are only going to get more advanced in the years to come and Savi is well-positioned to take advantage of new capabilities.”

Savi Now delivers comprehensive end-of-journey audit reports and geofencing capabilities, allowing users to track driver compliance and behavior, vehicle utilization, and risk. In addition, data from Savi Now can be fed into other Savi products to generate additional actionable information. When coupled with Savi Tracking™, Savi Now provides detailed location information which is critical for monitoring and managing the movement of high-value assets for literally any kind of shipment, whether it is a long haul journey or local delivery. Visibility is also greatly improved for “last mile” delivery, the most critical and most expensive portion of transit. Savi Now data can also be used with Savi Insight™, the company’s award-winning SaaS analytics solution that utilizes sensor data to measure and continuously improve supply chain operational intelligence and efficiency. Savi Now is available as a free download from the Apple and Google Play stores to deliver fast, easy and low-cost asset visibility.

“The proliferation of mobile technology, the rise of the Internet of Things and enhanced data analytic techniques have transformed the way commercial and government organizations think about the global supply chain,” said Bill Clark, President & CEO of Savi. “These organizations demand real-time visibility of high-value assets anytime and anywhere. Savi Now builds on our 25 year legacy in sensor technology and gives users the ability to turn their smartphones into readers, expand data capture and increase visibility across the supply chain for more intelligent decision making, reduced risk and optimized operations.”

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Leveraging 25 years of leadership in sensor technology, Savi is pioneering sensor analytics solutions that create operational intelligence from the Internet of Things. Applying big data technologies to machine-generated data, Savi solutions are trusted to run the world’s largest and most complex asset tracking and monitoring network, serving the U.S. DoD, Allied military and more than 780 commercial companies around the world. For more information about Savi visit

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