Reusable Containers: The Under-Appreciated Champions of the Supply Chain

How often do you think about reusable containers? My guess is not very often, right? Reusable containers, however, are essential for enabling all aspects of the supply chain. Coming in all shapes and sizes, containers are essential to many industries–transportation, oil & gas, heavy equipment manufacturing, waste management & recycling to name a few. Basically, reusable containers are unsung heroes in more industries than you can imagine.

While reusable containers may not keep executives up at night, having end-to-end visibility in their supply chain sure does. And this is one place where the plain old reusable container can make a huge difference—and allow executives to worry about something else. The most effective way to gain that much desired end-to-end visibility is by putting tracking devices on reusable containers. That way, supply chain leaders can track the movement of the shipments from suppliers to the manufacturing facility, within the manufacturing facility itself, and then as finished goods to the customer via the distribution network. In addition, tracking containers not only provides supply chain visibility, but also helps ensure the right container is available at the right time.

If these assets—and reusable containers are important assets–are uniquely identified and tracked, a company can see significant benefits including streamlined operations, reduced theft and reduced manual processes. And if your company owns or leases containers, there is the additional benefit of increased revenue due to the increase of asset utilization. If you want to see how Savi can help with your reusable container needs, click here to use our uber-quick ROI calculator!