ETA Solutions

The New Flexibility of Being “On Time”

There are many actions in your supply chain that must be managed in order to make sure your goods arrive at their destination on time. Even with precision planning, as soon as goods are on the road, you no longer have control. You know that there may be disruptions that will cause your arrival time to change, but you won’t know if or when they will happen over the course of a shipment.

Likewise, it’s the same for me whenever I plan to head out of town to my parent’s house for the weekend. It’s the reason why I always give my parents an expected time range vs. an expected time for my arrival—something they are never too fond of.

I know that if I want to arrive on time I need to get out of the DC area no later than 3 p.m. I also know that in order to leave before then, I have to arrive home from work and be packed and ready to go no later than 2:30 p.m. It usually takes half an hour to collect my bags, check for any last minute items, corral my anxious dog, wait for the elevator in my high-rise apartment building, and load my belongings in the car.

All of these actions must happen as planned or else I will be late. Even leaving 15 minutes past 3 p.m., I know that traffic is already backing up on the highway as offices empty for the weekend. Yet, sometimes the traffic surprises me with an open road and clear skies—hence, the reason for giving my parents a time range—I never know which outcome I will get.

I know all of this information because my journey to my parent’s house is a regular trip I make every couple months. But when it comes to running a business, this is not the best way to operate.

Many organizations perform the same shipments routinely, yet they are still using estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) that don’t take into account hiccups that may or may not occur during a shipment, such as traffic, logistical delays, stops for breaks, and other disruptions. This causes late shipments, scheduling issues, as well as wasted time and money. When it comes to running your operations smoothly, these disruptions (or the lack of) in your logistics plan should be taken into account when providing an accurate time of arrival.

This is why the potential for true, accurate ETA is so important for supply chain dependent organizations. With Savi’s solutions, we are able to determine precise ETA on every shipment. Through advanced machine learning that gets smarter as more shipments occur, we learn exactly how your ETA changes depending on when and where a disruption occurs on a shipment. You will be able to know the moment your ETA changes, so you can proactively adjust your plan accordingly.

No more late shipments, no more wasting time and money on cross-docking disruptions. You will finally have the ability to always be on time with accurate ETA.