IoT & M2M Supply Chain

Three Capabilities for a More Resilient Supply Chain

Sensor data and IoT technologies are helping to create more resilient supply chains with real-time monitoring, accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETA), and geofencing capabilities. Through the connectivity that IoT affords, assets equipped with sensors are able to transmit data that can be analyzed and leveraged to make decisions in real-time.

The result is a more resilient, intelligent supply chain.

Here are three capabilities that IoT technologies provide to enable a more resilient and adaptable supply chain:

  1. Real-time monitoring— sensors installed on assets or trucks enable continuous connectivity to monitor asset location and condition in real-time. This makes it possible to seamlessly track and monitor assets during a shipment. Sensors located on assets inside the truck are able to provide data on variables such as temperature, humidity, light, and shock. Because of this, asset conditions can be monitored at each and every point along the route, ensuring that assets arrive at the destination in good condition.
  2. Accurate ETA—by using data from sensors, you can track real-time shipment location and adjust the ETA by considering historical patterns of disruption caused by weather, port congestion, and other factors. Advanced technology has the ability to analyze real-time and historical data to aid your supply chain planning efforts. It analyzes route history, mode of transportation, environment, driver behavior, and other data in order to accurately predict arrival of goods at plants, distribution centers, and retail stores as well as to solve inventory management, cross docking, and on-time delivery challenges.
  3. Geofencing—by creating a geo-fence, you can identify the established route and travel times for a given shipment, and if the shipment deviates by either route or time, you receive an alert so action can be taken. With an advanced solution, such as Savi Tracking, you obtain comprehensive asset visibility through a single platform so it’s easy to see all of your in-transit assets on live maps anywhere in the world.

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