Savi Sensors Supply Chain

Five places that truckers like to stop for lunch

At Savi, we track shipments and products through the supply chain. We take data from sensors, telematics, GPS, RFID, AIS, mobile apps, EDI, weather, and traffic to track exact shipment locations. For fun, we decided to take a look at the locations that truckers frequently stop for lunch. We grabbed the specific latitude and longitude for each truck stop below.

How do we know this?

Savi uses IoT and big data analytics to chart patterns and create machine learning algorithms that optimize shipments and prevent supply chain disruptions. We pay attention to details such as where truck drivers stop, which areas are prone to crime, which lanes are the fastest at which times, and where truck drivers are likely to lose service in transit.

These details are important for improving scheduled arrival time performance and customer service. The analysis of truck driver patterns, geography, weather, traffic and other factors allow Savi to accurately forecast the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for each shipment and provide real-time logistics information. This is critical because inaccurate ETA predictions cause shipment delays, disruptions, and higher transportation costs.

#1: Oak Grove 70 Petro


This Missourian convenience store is perfect for a quick refreshment and a tank fill-up. Plus, there’s lots of room for truckers to park and take a load off. 

#2: Shell gas station

Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best place to stop for a meal. But it is a frequent stop made by truckers looking to fill up and grab a snack.

#3: South Somerset Travel Plaza

South Somerset Travel Plaza is home to lots of fast-food restaurants. My favorite is Burger King!

#4: Oakmont Travel Plaza

Truckers like a good cup of coffee. Who can say no to a hot latte?

#5: Lone Star Steakhouse

Nothing like a steak to fuel you for the drive ahead!