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Valuable Business Intelligence – Savi Tracking Release 3.2.2

Improved Usability with Savi Tracking Release 3.2.2

We understand the time it takes to run your operations, so we get that you need to access your valuable information quickly and efficiently. That’s why the latest release for Savi Tracking focuses on usability improvements so you don’t waste valuable time trying to locate your information.

Savi Tracking is an advanced SaaS solution that identifies and monitors the location and status of assets in motion. Specialized software and tamper-proof hardware devices secure and monitor multiple cargo types to improve operational performance and reduce risk.

A few highlights from 3.2.2

  • Quickly locate asset and journey movement history by searching specific times in addition to the date, so you don’t have to filter through a days’ worth of information.
  • Simply read data by viewing headings as cardinal points instead of compass degrees, e.g., N, NE, E, SE, S, etc.
  • Easily obtain valuable business intelligence with data displayed in more fields
  • Efficiently scan reports with added pagination so you don’t have to scroll endlessly

In addition to these usability features, we increased the security features of sensor tags in 3.2.2. Now, the tag senses when it has been opened, and an alert is generated to let you know of possible tampering of the device.

Start navigating with ease and check out the Release Notes for more insight on 3.2.2!

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