End-to-End Visibility Transforms Global Supply Chains

The move toward greater globalization is driving geographical expansion of supply chains – and greater exposure to risk. This trend demands that supply chains operate effectively and efficiently across vast distances while managing the myriad processes and risks associated with running global supply chains.

To succeed supply chains must be nimble, proactive, highly adaptable, and transparent from origin to destination. In a perfect world, supply chain leaders would have complete end-to-end supply chain visibility, and be able to continuously monitor the many factors affecting supply chain performance and adjust operations in real time. They would have the business intelligence and analytics based on this data to understand past events, predict future ones, and optimize supply chain efficiency and reduce risk for in-transit goods.

IDC agrees that advanced analytics like Savi’s are a must have

This is where Savi can help. With our advanced analytics solutions, we are transforming global supply chains by providing unprecedented end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain. We believe that advanced analytics are a vital component of supply chain execution strategy, and so does IDC, a premier global provider of market intelligence for information supply chains.

In their latest report, “The Use of Advanced Analytics in Manufacturing Supply Chain Execution and Emerging Use Cases,” they shared how our analytics have helped one of our large CPG clients drastically improve their supply chain operations by improving their estimated time of arrivals to distribution centers by 10X. With Savi, they have achieved real-time, end-to-end visibility for in-transit goods and now spend 83% less time managing those shipments.

They re-affirmed that our solutions are vital to supply chain operations as well as purpose-built to address specific supply chain challenges and pain points. Our solutions address challenges associated with lack of visibility. With better visibility and deeper insight in supply chain operations, companies are able to improve on-time delivery and plan better with accurate estimated time of arrivals, make decisions in real-time, and possess a control tower view of their global end-to-end supply chain.