Take Control of Your Global Supply Chain Planning

With today’s technology we have the tools to optimize supply chain planning with accurate ETAs and real-time views of in-transit assets. Through the combination of big data, supply chain analytics, and Savi’s advanced technology, you now have the power to obtain end-to-end visibility within your supply chain due to real-time, dynamic operational intelligence that provides accurate shipment ETAs—enabling you to plan for and respond to supply chain challenges and disruptions.

Check out our new infographic, “Take Control of Your Global Supply Chain Planning,” to learn more.

In it, we detail how end-to-end visibility and accurate ETA give you the tools to optimize your supply chain planning and on-time delivery performance, which leads to improvements on both the top and bottom lines.

End-to-end visibility will arm you with information needed to optimize your supply chain planning with accurate shipment ETAs required by inventory, production, demand planning, and traffic managers to optimize inventory levels, production schedules, and transportation routes. Possessing better supply chain visibility will help you to identify and analyze transportation trends using historical and real-time data. It will enable you to proactively resolve challenges and overcome barriers to optimal supply chain performance.

More so, it will enable you to reduce out-of-stocks, optimize inventory management, deliver products to customers when promised, and provide timely updates when status changes.  Improving customer demand fulfillment through better ETA and supply chain planning is an important component of meeting high consumer expectations.

As a result, you will be able to identify key areas to optimize your supply chain and reduce operating costs. For example, you will gain actionable intelligence that will help you make decisions around:

  • which types of shipments to expedite,
  • which carriers have capacity,
  • which ports appear to be congested,
  • what shipping routes are best for air, rail, and road, and
  • what time is best for clearing customs.

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