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Why Your Visibility Never Works Out the Way You Planned

Nowadays, it seems as if instant gratification isn’t fast enough. We all experience the need to stay informed at an immediate rate. This need is intensified if your organization depends on receiving timely information in order to maintain a healthy supply chain and meet your customer’s needs.

Whether you’re placing an order online, storing goods in a warehouse, or moving goods from one location to another, there’s one question that comes to mind for everyone: “Where is my stuff?”

But this isn’t an easy question to answer. Oftentimes, the detailed tracking of goods is limited by checkpoint statuses. In other words, after goods are scanned for departure, the tracking goes silent until the goods are scanned at their next checkpoint. In a society that desires instant gratification, this type of visibility falls short.

Not to mention, no matter what your role is in the supply chain, I’m sure you’re aware that there are real challenges when it comes to staying ahead of what’s going on in your supply chains. Without true, real-time visibility, it is especially challenging when it comes to being notified of any disruptions or challenges that may arise.

Real-time tracking provides complete visibility into where your stuff is at any point in the supply chain so you know where your assets are, when they will arrive, what condition they are in, and if they are secure. By placing sensors directly on goods or in pallets, you gain precise tracking of your goods from origin to destination.

For example, if a pallet is removed from a truck, if the temperature inside the pallet rises above suitable levels, or if there is an unusual amount of traffic delaying a shipment, real-time tracking allows you to be notified immediately, so you can rapidly respond to unplanned risks, damages, and disruptions.

This type of visibility won’t solve society’s lack of patience, but it will provide your organization the opportunity to exceed expectations and optimize your operations to better meet your customer’s needs.