Supply Chain Visibility – It’s Not About The Tag

Following on the heels of the RFID Journal Live conference and National Transportation Week, there is a lot of buzz about improvements in both Active and Passive RFID “tag” technology to help improve supply chain visibility. While some of these advancements are in fact very interesting, at the end of the day, there is no one size fits all solution because it’s all about the data.

To truly realize the value of RFID, you need to take what we like to call a “tagnostic” approach – one where the software platform is sensor or device agnostic and can ingest any kind of data in any format and at any velocity. This could mean leveraging passive technology for indoor use and active technology for outdoor use – all on a single platform – and that is where Savi’s SmartChain comes in. Today we already handle multiple technology vendors and are able to not only cleanse and normalize sensor data, but we can also provide it back to your specific enterprise needs whether it is a large-scale SAP environment or “cooked” data for your analysts to mine.

Of course, we also have applications such as Savi Tracking to deliver near real-time event processing and improve overall visibility and state/condition for high-value assets and are embarking on developing some advanced analytics so that we can help you move from supply chain visibility to supply chain predictability. So, BYOT (bring your own tag) and Savi will make it all work.