Savi® Mobile Security Child

The Mobile Security Child is an essential hardware device used to track high-value assets throughout global supply chains. The Savi Security Sensor Family communicates directly with Savi’s proprietary in-transit visibility software to provide users with a seamless and complete view of their in-transit assets.


Obtain Accurate Status Reports

As a Child, this device reports via radio frequency to a Mobile Security Parent or Vehicle Security Gateway. In turn, those units will report via the local GSM infrastructure to our web-based supply chain security and visibility system. Having the real-time knowledge of whether intervention is needed is all a part of the Value of Knowing.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The Mobile Security Child features an advanced, powerful sensor encased in a rugged enclosure capable of exposure to extreme temperatures and climates. This intrinsically safe (iSafe) device features an easy-to-use locking mechanism that secures with the push of a button. All these features are already pre-configured to work seamlessly with Savi’s in-transit visibility software.

Find A Secure Solution

An in-house security sensor system purpose-built to integrate directly with Savi Visibility provides users with a powerful, low-cost, all-in-one security solution complete with encrypted data capabilities and over-the-
air updates. Unauthorized unsealing or tampering of the Mobile Security Child causes the Parent device to send an immediate security breach alert to authorized operational stakeholders

Savi Mobile Security Child Specifications

Model Number
ST-900-CC Savi Mobile Security Child
LxWxD 88mm x 46mm x 123mm
Standard Cable Length 300 mm
Weight 0.32 kg
Temperature -30°C to +50°C, Operating
-40°C to +70°C, Non-operating
Humidity 95% RH@ 50°C Non-condensing
Shock and Vibration U.S. Military Standards 202G and 81OF, SAEJ1455
Weatherproofing Designed to meet IP67 weatherproofing
Frequency 433 MHz
Protocol Savi Proprietary Protocol
Battery 3.6V 3400 mAh Li-SOCI2
Last for up to 3 years on a single battery
Regulatory Approvals
Hazardous Substances RoHS Compliant
EMC/EMI SAE J1113, FCC-Part 15B, Industry Canada
Global Certifications FCC, CE, I-SAFE S-XPL/16.0832 X