Chemicals & Life Sciences Companies

Manage disruptions and decrease costs with an agile, data-driven supply chain.

Many chemical manufacturers must regularly source new feedstocks, plan new plant locations and adapt to new distribution routings – all of which requires supply chain change. Combine that with pricing volatility, tariffs and anticipating disruption at local, regional or global scale and it’s clear: agile, responsive supply chains are crucial in the chemical and life sciences industry.

Savi solutions help you achieve supply chain agility so you can lower costs, stay competitive and maintain business continuity through disruptions and change. Monitor your in-transit shipments in real time, with exception alerts to help you protect at-risk shipments. Analytics give you powerful insights about your supply chain costs from expedited freight, detention and demurrage.

Chemical & Life Sciences Supply Chain Solutions

Real-Time In-Transit Visibility

Use multiple data sources to track the location and condition of in-transit feedstocks and finished goods in real time, with alerts to identify at-risk shipments.


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Supply Chain Insights & Analytics

Improve operations and create contingency plans for your unique supply chain with trends analysis and machine learning of route, threat and ETA data.


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IoT Sensor Hardware

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors collect accurate data in real-time to monitor the condition and location of your most critical in-transit shipments.

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How Chemical Manufacturers Gain Agility & Lower Cost to Serve with In-Transit Visibility

When there’s a plant shutdown, is your supply chain agile enough for you to manage the disruption? Chemical manufacturers need tools that that enable them to rapidly respond to risks and delays. Learn how to make your supply chain more agile and resilient with in-transit visibility.

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Key Case Studies

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Chemicals: Reusable Containers

This large global company delivers advanced chemicals to customers by truck, rail and sea, to customers using state-of-the art ISO intermodal tanks, valued at more than $600K each.

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This global company employs tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world, providing liquid and gaseous chemicals. It delivers advanced chemicals to customers by truck, rail and sea, to customers using state-of-the art ISO intermodal tanks, valued at more than $600,000 each.

Challenge: Managing Reusable Shipping Containers

This chemicals manufacturer maintained an inventory of over 200 reusable intermodal ISO tanks to fulfill customer orders. These containers, each valued at $600,000-$700,000, were heavily used assets, and were often critical path items when evaluating shipping and supply chain issues.

Utilization rates of these containers drive profitability. Company executives knew that to achieve the best results, they needed real-time understanding of container idle times and deviations from movement plans. Knowing container location was essential for business success.

Solution: Real-Time Tracking & Alerts

Savi delivered a complete visibility platform, designed to meet the specific tracking and reporting requirements of the company. The solution collected and consolidated real-time tracking data for the customer’s entire inventory of reusable containers. Also, the solution enabled complete route management and monitoring of containers to and from customer locations.

Savi presented the information to the company via dynamic real-time mapping reports and through tight integration with legacy reporting systems, providing an enterprise-wide understanding of overall shipping and business dynamics.

The platform also generates real-time alerts to inform decision-makers when containers experience any deviations from the shipment or movement plan. In addition, the Savi solution facilitates the presentation of cargo and shipment data to the company’s clients through externally facing reporting.

Results: Better Utilization & Lower Costs

With access to actionable sensor data and reports in real time, the company was able to achieve many business improvements, including:

  • Better load balancing and container utilization
  • Reduced costs
  • Better understanding of shipment status
  • Less exposure to costly expedited shipments and demurrage fees
  • More accurate predictions of future container needs

The combined effect of these improvements also meant the company was able reduce how often it needed expensive short-term rentals of additional container capacity.

Externally facing reports helped customers make better decision and use of reserve stocks while waiting for deliveries, improving customer satisfaction. By implementing the Savi solution, the customer achieved greater profitability.

Chemical, Shippers
Chemicals: Real-Time Truck Tracking

A globally recognized leader, this innovative Company delivers a portfolio of over 5,000 technology-based products and solutions, including specialty chemical, advanced materials and plastics, to customers in approximately 160 countries.

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A globally recognized chemical manufacturing leader, this innovative company delivers a portfolio of over 5,000 technology-based products and solutions, including specialty chemical, advanced materials and plastics, to customers in over 160 countries. The company’s products are manufactured at 197 sites in 36 companies around the world.

The Challenge

GPS tracking of trucks is old news. But for many industries, accurate location information about trucks isn’t nearly enough to ensure that customer commitments and environmental requirements are being met.

In the chemical industry, for example, trucks operated by independent carriers frequently carry sensitive, caustic, volatile or hazardous materials that must be monitored constantly throughout their journey for safety, cargo integrity, and security.

In these cases, the risk of failure is simply too great. There are financial, environmental and possible human costs at stake.

One global chemical company turned to Savi to gain access to the real-time sensor data that they needed to monitor gain tighter control of their business.


For accurate, continuous display of asset location information, combined with asset cargo condition, integrity and security status, Savi deployed its in-transit visibility solution to collect and process data collected from GPS and in real time.

Savi also delivered seamless integration of the asset tracking data stream with the customer’s existing enterprise software infrastructure. Savi was able to integrate GPS information from each shipment with environmental data and security/integrity monitoring, combining this information into a map-based real-time information display.

In addition, Savi’s solution helped this chemical manufacturing client to easily implement geofencing — defining journey corridors and anticipated journey timeframes for its shipments. Now, when a shipment is off the planned route or delayed, decision-makers receive real-time alerts and can quickly take action.


Since the deployment of the Savi platform, the chemical company has reported improved customer service, faster identification, and resolution of in-transit problems and reduced fulfillment lead time.

In addition, the manufacturer now has more accurate and timely auditing of demurrage bills and has been able to eliminate manual, error-prone ad hoc processes to capture and enter data.

As a direct result of access to real-time supply chain data, the customer has improved its bottom line, enhanced security and maximized customer satisfaction.