Multi-Enterprise Grid

Share a single view of truth with your enterprise, suppliers, customers, and partners. Multi-Enterprise Grid allows you to collaborate in real-time or jointly analyze performance trends showing only the bilateral data needed with each collaborator.

Share your vision of future success


Effective supply chain leaders embrace transparency to benefit the entire digital ecosystem


Functional optimization usually reduces cost. Cross-functional or cross-enterprise optimization reduces costs, increases effectiveness and may deliver increased revenue.


Top companies view supply chain operations as a competitive lever. When you work with all the players to achieve end-to-end knowledge, speed and agility you create strategic advantage.

Multi-Enterprise Solutions

Synchronized Alert Response

Set alert thresholds to simultaneously notify colleagues or partners who can take action to avert disruption or re-plan critical shipments.

Track Integrated KPIs

Work with suppliers and customers to monitor performance against service level agreements and jointly find the root cause of non performance.

A global CPG manufacturer began using Savi’s Multi-Enterprise product for their top 3 retail accounts. By granting affiliates the same view of shipment arrivals and departures,  they built a better process together to handle situations when a few items from a shipment were trending late. The results were more “on time in full” shipments, fewer out of stocks and increased revenues for the CPG manufacturer