Supply Chain Solutions

Savi provides supply chain solutions whether you are a shipper, government, logistics provider or a technology provider.

Understand performance, gain live streaming visibility, achieve better security, and improve agility.

25 years of award-winning sensor and analytics technology solutions

Our Solutions Protect High-Value Assets

industry challenge
have little to no plans for dealing with supply chain risks

What becomes possible with Savi

  • $4M
    Losses prevented daily
  • 98%
    Fewer Theft Damages

A lack of precise ETAs impacted a manufacturer’s supply chain in multiple areas. To mitigate for this lack of precision, they had built in a large amount of slack for each step. This manufacturer saw the value in sharing Savi’s precise ETA information with supply chain affiliates and partners to improve relationship satisfaction, and maximize improvement impacts across the board.

Our Products


Savi Insight™ offers predictive and prescriptive supply chain analytics solutions.

In-Transit Visibility

Savi Visibility™ helps organizations make better operational decisions with real-time information about critical business assets.

Multi-Enterprise Grid

Share a single view of truth with your enterprise, suppliers, customers, and partners

Data Capture Hardware

The promise of the Internet of Things is real-time, accurate, impartial, data collected for you and delivered to you.