Savi InsightTM

Leverage Predictive Analytics to Transform Supply Chains

Savi Insight is a predictive and prescriptive supply chain analytics tool that managers can use to transform their supply chain to operate with maximum efficiency. Relying solely on EDI’s milestone-based data is simply not enough. Modern supply chains cannot function efficiently with EDI’s data gaps and poor visual feeds — live, streaming data is essential. Our solutions are purpose-built to handle volumes of IoT data. Machine learning and proprietary algorithms translate big data into actionable predictive and prescriptive analytic insights that arm you with the ability to prevent operational disruptions, forecast future outcomes, and improve supply chain performance. Savi’s supply chain management analytics leverages billions of data points to provide more accurate data — and deliver precise, accurate forecasting.

The Value of Knowing

Actionable Operational Intelligence

Turn sensor data into actionable information and unlock the potential of machine-generated data from the Internet of Things (IoT). Savi Insight filters mass qualities of big data into understandable and actionable details so managers know where to focus. Our supply chain management analytics tools deliver alerts on a variety of things, such as route disruptions, or political or environmental anomalies that could impact goods in transit. Instead of wondering where a shipment is, you’ll have real-time ETA down to the minute. Make better decisions by leveraging big data analytics in supply chains. Secure assets by proactively identifying high-risk lanes and handoff locations as well as potential gray market tampering spots ahead of time to reduce risk.

Better Data Points Yield Superior Analysis

Easily understand high-risk conditions and locations, operational performance, and the ETA for assets in motion. Savi Insight ingests many more reliable and differentiated data sources — these cleansed and ordered data points yield a more accurate snapshot of asset status, location and condition. Many supply chain management analytics solutions can be confusing to use and interpret for optimization efforts. Our big data platform runs all the data for you and provides a breakdown of the requested or most critical data. Better data produces analysis and predictions you can trust. Unlike some supply chain analytics tools, ours are self-learning, employing machine-learning algorithms to continuously refine performance based on real data outcomes and changes in an environment.

Savi Insight Produces Fast Results 

Pre-packaged insights deliver fast benefits with KPIs, KRIs and analytics for specific business challenges. Savi offers pre-packaged programs to help you outline, track, organize, and report on KPIs, KRIs, and similarly defined key data points. Run permission-based reports for staff, partners or customers, depending on information needs.

Stop using imprecise data to make risk assessments. With Savi supply chain management analytics working for you, costs, waste, and risk will decrease, and customer satisfaction will rise.

Analytics Solutions

Savi Insight™

Analytics based on your supply chain data provides operational intelligence to reduce and avoid risk.


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Initially we were focused on reducing late shipments. Savi analytics revealed that we actually had an early problem instead. 80% of our shipments were early —backlogging loading docks, adding cost and slack in our supply chain. As a result, we tightened planning, synchronized dock schedules and increased inventory turns. We found huge value in knowing where to focus our energies.