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Supply Chain Visibility as a Service delivered in a standard feed.

Your clients count on you to provide efficient work flows, cost savings and secure and compliant solutions to manage their global trade and transport. Savi provides precise and constantly updating ETAs and deep analytics insights that enhance your on-demand software and can be easily embedded to your exiting platform.

Add Value to On-Demand Apps

Estimated Time of Arrival as a Service

Supply chain workflows are often triggered by the arrival of goods at a delivery point. Downstream processes are triggered by an Estimated Time of Arrival. Imagine if that ETA were 10x more accurate, constantly refined and automatically ingested by your app.

With data, more is always better

Savi can ingest billions of data points a day. Sensors, traffic, weather, crime, labor action, pricing can all be tracked. Powerful filtering and analytics can create alerts that highlight only what matters to your customers and feed it to your application.

Powerful Insights Enhance your Product

From basic performance trends by carrier, route, distribution center or time, to sophisticated machine intelligence predicting high risk locations, highlighting building port congestion or flagging unnecessary expedite costs; insights on risks and opportunities add value for your customer. Add Savi Insights as a service to your offer to differentiate.

Featured Case Study

Reusable Containers

This global Company employs tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world. They deliver advanced chemicals to customers by truck, rail and sea, to customers using state-of-the art ISO intermodal tanks, valued at more than $600K each.

What was needed

An international provider of liquid and gaseous chemicals maintained an inventory of over 200 reusable intermodal ISO tanks to fulfill customer orders. These containers, each valued at $600K-$700K, were heavily used assets, and were often critical path items when evaluating shipping and supply chain issues. Utilization rates of these containers drive profitability. Company executives knew that to achieve the best results, they needed real-time understanding of container idle times and deviations from movement plans. Knowing container location was essential for business success.

Actions taken

Savi delivered a complete platform, designed to meet the specific tracking and reporting requirements of the Company. The solution collected and consolidated real-time tracking data for the customer’s entire inventory of reusable containers. The solution also enabled complete route management and monitoring of containers to and from customer locations. Savi presented the information to the Company via dynamic real-time mapping reports and through tight integration with legacy reporting systems, providing an enterprise-wide understanding of overall shipping and business dynamics. The platform also generates real-time alerts to inform decision-makers when containers experience any deviations from the shipment or movement plan. In addition, the Savi solution facilitates the presentation of cargo and shipment data to the Company’s clients through externally facing reporting.


With access to actionable sensor data and reports in real time, the Company was able to achieve many business improvements, including better load balancing and container utilization; cost reductions better understanding of shipment status, reduced exposure to costly expedited shipments and demurrage fees and more accurate predictions of future container needs, reducing the need for expensive short term rentals of additional container capacity. Externally facing reports improved customer satisfaction and helped customers make better decision and use of reserve stocks while waiting for deliveries. By implementing the Savi solution, the customer achieved greater profitability.