Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

Optimize cost and performance for your customers with Savi’s real-time visibility and analytics solutions.

Managed Logistics is hyper competitive and you need every advantage to grow. Savi can feed your Transportation Management Systems (TMS) precise, predictive ETAs and analytics so that you can optimize cost and performance to your customers.


competitive advantage

Enhance your services with precise predictive ETA’s driven by real time streaming facts from the Internet of Things.

Go Real-time, Big Time

Savi offers wireless sensors that report the location and condition of goods in transit in real-time. Savi sensors integrate with Savi machine intelligence software to provide powerful supply chain insights to optimize your operations or that can be packaged with your services.

Create new services

Deliver new services in your portfolio using the performance reporting and complex event processing capabilities of Savi. Set specific alarm thresholds and trigger machine analysis to provide the best available use of your human and our machine learning resources.

Featured Case Study

Service Providers

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.  With more than 70,000 employees and more than 1,350 offices and laboratories around the world, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.  Savi has established a strategic exclusive alliance with SGS, one in which Savi provides the technology solution for their Omnis service offering. Savi Tracking is the technology “engine” that drives this solution—it allows governments and other organizations around the world the ability to track assets and verify the real-time status of goods and materials with minute-by-minute updates.

What was needed

SGS is active in many business arenas, including inspection and verification of goods in transit within national boundaries or across borders. To gain a competitive edge in its consignment verification and logistics security business, SGS sought to develop a new integrated logistics and tracking offering that it could add to its global services portfolio. A key requirement of the ground-breaking service was real-time asset-tracking and comprehensive journey monitoring. SGS believed that real-time end-to-end consignment tracking, combined with continuous cargo integrity monitoring, would be a market-leading offering; and would give them an inside track on new business, especially where customers were deeply concerned about the loss of valuable assets in transit.


SGS now delivers OMNIS, powered by Savi, a reliable solution to track freight movements using GPS, GPRS, and satellite technology that gives customers full in-transit visibility and real-time event management. Using Savi technology, OMINS monitors the precise location of a customer’s shipments at all times, automatically responding to unexpected or risky conditions with a wide range of alerts. In addition, the Savi platform allows for the creation of robust, customizable geo-corridors, which define a “safe zone” for shipments. Real-time alerts are sent to users if freight suddenly changes route, direction, or is delayed. With OMNIS, powered by Savi, SGS is beating the competition and winning new business in multiple geographies.