Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)

Optimize cost and performance for your customers with Savi’s real-time visibility and analytics solutions.

Managed logistics is hyper competitive and you need every advantage to grow. Savi can feed your Transportation Management Systems (TMS) precise, predictive ETAs and analytics so that you can optimize cost and performance for your customers.


Competitive Advantage

Enhance your services with precise predictive ETAs driven by real-time streaming facts from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Go Real-Time, Big Time

IoT sensors report the location and condition of goods in transit in real-time. Our sensors integrate with Savi Visibility to provide powerful supply chain insights to optimize your operations, or that can be packaged with your services.


Create New Services

Deliver new services in your portfolio using the performance reporting and complex event processing capabilities of Savi. Set specific alarm thresholds and trigger machine analysis to provide the best available use of your human and our machine learning resources.

Real-Time In-Transit Visibility

Use multiple data sources to track the location and condition of customers’ shipments in transit, in real time. Exception alerts help you focus on the shipments at risk of delays, damage or other disruptions.


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Supply Chain Insights & Analytics

Improve operations and create contingency plans for your own and for customers’ unique supply chain with trends analysis and machine learning of route, threat and ETA data.


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IoT Sensor Hardware

Use Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect accurate data in real time on the condition and location of your clients’ most critical in-transit shipments.

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Key Case Studies

Service Providers
Logistics Service Provider: Improve Cross-Docking & Turns

Using Savi Solutions to Improve Cross-Docking and Inventory Turns

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Using Savi Solutions to Improve Cross-Docking and Inventory Turns

What was needed

A logistics service provider needed to improve cross-docking efficiency for their customer. Before using Savi, their customer was planning their dock schedule every twenty-four hours. When shipments were late (or early), often there were people waiting around, or there were not enough people available to unload and load at the mixing center. Late shipments also brought penalties for not delivering “on time, in full,” aka OTIF.

Actions taken

The logistics service provider turned to Savi solutions: Savi Visibility™ and Savi’s analytics software, Savi Insight™


The accuracy of ETAs improved by 90%. More precise ETAs allowed them to plan their dock schedule every six hours instead of every twenty-four hours, which resulted in a more efficient use of labor—no standing around waiting for shipments to arrive. Improved cross-docking also brought a decrease in OTIF penalties and an increase in inventory turns, which made them a hero with their customer.