Savi Technology Improves Enterprise Supply Chain Management With Savi Mobile Tracking 2.5

ALEXANDRIA, VA (Dec. 4, 2013) – Commercial enterprises, organizations and government agencies can dramatically reduce troublesome blind spots and improve overall supply chain management and efficiency with today’s introduction of Savi Mobile Tracking System 2.5 (SMTS). SMTS 2.5 features improved asset detail, expanded sensor compatibility and advanced cloud configuration and security controls, all of which make it easier for enterprises to provide improved end-to-end supply chain visibility, including chain-of-custody, sharing of information across divisions and companies, and integration with existing enterprise information systems.

Distributed supply chains typically involve multiple parties in the movement of goods, supplies or assets. For example, the movement of cargo often includes maritime shippers, port facilities, trucking companies and local delivery companies. Likewise, large enterprises and agencies may operate production facilities, parts and distribution centers as separate companies or divisions. Maintaining clear visibility on assets or cargo becomes increasingly difficult as the number of handoffs between organizations and supply chain complexity increases. SMTS 2.5 addresses all of this on a single SaaS solution.

The improved asset detail in SMTS 2.5 expands the real-time data captured on each asset plus its location, movement and state, such as temperature, humidity, and shock. This gives enterprises a much-improved visibility while also improving integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions. The expanded security model addresses the increased supply chain complexity with improved, centralized authority and policy definitions while also distributing administration capabilities. This allows enterprises to share assets, zones, corridors, and tags across divisions, subsidiaries and logistics partners.

“Coordination of assets and shipments between organizations is the source of many disputes, demurrage charges, fines, reduced inventory and added supply chain costs at even the largest of companies,” said Ann Grackin, chief executive officer, ChainLinks Research. “Maintaining a common, mutually-trusted system of record for the contents of a shipment, its condition and movement would eliminate countless wasted ime and energy that is spent resolving disputes and assigning liability.”

SMTS 2.5’s enhanced asset screen now details every movement, journey, associated tag, event and user action associated with a given asset. Movements and journeys are mapped with supporting date information to allow users to immediately compare current conditions to historical atterns. Additionally, the new data has value for record keeping as well as provides a higher quality representation of real-world operations for analytics.

“Large and mid-sized enterprises that electronically track high value assets are often faced with the tough task of managing separate software systems for the different types of hardware they have deployed. Not only is this difficult to support, it also results in the data being silo-ed versus centralized and shared,” said Andy Souders, SVP, Products and Strategy at Savi Technology. “With 2.5, we have improved our ability to ntegrate virtually any kind of data, including sensors, corporate and other third-party information, into a single, cloud-based solution. Providing transactional visibility is one thing, but the real value is in the data captured from these disparate systems. This is a pragmatic big-data solution.”

With SMTS 2.5 Savi has also streamlined the process to integrate new asset tags (sensors) onto the platform. This continues Savi’s industry-leadership of supporting sensor hardware from third-party vendors. SMTS 2.5 also expands the communication between the supply chain and organizations with the ability to send alerts via short message service (SMS) to designated users. The rapid notification allows organizations to more quickly respond to changes or situations regardless of when or where they occur.

About Savi Mobile Tracking System

Savi Mobile Tracking System is a cloud-based solution that provides greater transparency of shipments, improves transit times and identifies diversion of assets from established routes and locations for a wide range of cargo and asset types – ISO containers on road and rail, closed rail wagons and tanker railcars, wet cargo (fuel trucks) and in-vehicle units for vehicle tracking. The solution supports multiple wireless sensor technologies including GPS, GPRS, RFID and satellite communications. SMTS provides real-time in-transit visibility and asset management via a single-screen dashboard that displays all assets, location, transit and established routes on live maps, with real and relevant-time updates.

About Savi

Savi Technology provides organizations with operational analytics – the ability to collect and convert operational information into useful knowledge – from physical objects like supplies, equipment and cargo. The Savi Sensor Based Analytics Platform gives enterprises the ability to access, analyze and learn from new data in ways previously impossible, yielding streamlined operations, enhanced security and dramatically improved enterprise decision-making. Savi is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with operations in Lexington, KY and around the world. Savi was named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate for the economic improvements its technology has provided to several countries in Africa. Savi has more than 100 domestic and foreign issued patents covering a variety of technologies and is an active participant in several industry standards bodies including ISO 18000-7. For more information visit

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